Circular/ Orders

Subject Section Date
Colleges having NSS Units in South Goa Collectorate 07/06/2018
Clinics registered under the pc-pndt act Collectorate 07/06/2018
Male and Female Voters Collectorate 07/06/2018
List of polling station and location Collectorate 07/06/2018
Electoral Roll Collectorate 07/06/2018
Details of ERO Collectorate 07/06/2018
Details of AERO Collectorate 07/06/2018
Details of Parliamentary Constituency Collectorate 07/06/2018
National Award for 2017 Collectorate 07/06/2018
List of Assistant Returning Officers Coming under South Goa District Collectorate 07/06/2018
Details of Assembly Constituency Collectorate 07/06/2018
District Election Officer for South Goa District Margao Collectorate 07/06/2018
Special Summary Revision of Last Part of Electoral Rolls relating to Service Collectorate 07/06/2018
Lok Sabha MPLADS Scheme Works MPLAD 07/06/2018
Rajya Sabha MPLADS Scheme Works MPLAD 07/06/2018
Amended Land Revenue Code, 1968 Collectorate 11/05/2018
Prime Ministers 15 Point Programme, Points 13 - 15 Revenue 09/03/2018
Dumping Construction Debris Government of Goa 07/03/2018
Status Report GOI Scheme PMKVY CAB 28/02/2018
Inspection in respect of Child Care Institution 2018 MAG 13/02/2018
Minutes of 6th ATMA Governing board meeting Collectorate 06/02/2018
Constitution of Vidyalaya Management and Vidyalaya Advisory Committee Collectorate 23/01/2018
Disaster Management Communication Plan 2018 Disaster Management 01/01/2018
Appoinmet of Nodal Officer to receive complaints pertaining to Cable TV Network Act Collectorate 12/12/2017
Voluntary Committiee of Senier Citizens at Police Statiuons in South Goa Other Departments 01/12/2017
Digitization of Cable TV Network - District Level Monitoring Committee South Goa District MAG 23/11/2017
National Election Quiz 2017-2018 Election 17/11/2017
Committie for Sexual harassment cases MAG 20/09/2017
District level coastal monitoring committe EST 15/09/2017
Advisory to MSOs reg TV Signals MAG 25/07/2017
Analog signals Government of India 30/03/2017
Minutes and MSO South Goa MAG 14/01/2016
Accommodation in the Govt Guest House, Monte, Margao CVS 16/11/2015
Prime Ministers 15 Point Programme MAG 25/01/2010